Glenn has won many of the most prestigious awards bestowed in the science and technology community, including numerous R&D 100 awards, FLC Awards, NorTech Innovation Awards, and Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards. Glenn recently received its 112th R&D 100 Award, making it one of the top-10 all-time winners of this prestigious award.

Partnering with Glenn

Glenn actively seeks opportunities to share its wealth of knowledge and experience with industries in the Ohio region and beyond. There are four ways to partner with Glenn:

  1. License our intellectual property from our inventions.
  2. Leverage our Facilities Test Services to provide access to one-of-a-kind test capabilities. Detailed facility descriptions are available at:
  3. Engage our subject-matter experts (SMEs) to support your organization as it meets challenges or expands its capabilities.
  4. Access our Research, Development, Test & Evaluation Services to access our specially trained subject-matter experts and technologists. These specialists can support your R&D efforts and expand opportunities for your organization to further develop its innovations.

More Information

Glenn welcomes your inquiries about how we can work with you. Please contact Robert (Joe) Shaw, Deputy Director, Office of Technology Partnerships and Planning, at 216-977-7135 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Access additional information at: and