Able to deliver high-performance in multi-position sensing applications with as many as 20 magnet positions monitored by a single sensor, magnetostrictive sensors can provide greater cost savings, performance, packaging flexibility, and higher speed for control systems. Multiple tool, platen, or cartridge positions from a single sensor translate to a lower per-tool cost of feedback, and automatic tool or cartridge positioning significantly reduces changeover time, which allows for a higher number of setups, and therefore greater machine productivity. Magnetostriction also provides the increasingly accurate measurements required of high performance control systems, with a linearity correction option to achieve ±20 microns or better and 1 micron resolution; all while maintaining a high resistance to shock and vibration, ultimately resulting in higher quality with less waste. Additionally, the variety of stroke lengths and flexible housing options available simplify shipping and installation. Faster response times via industrial Ethernet protocols, such as EtherCAT and Powerlink, enable tighter control loops, improving machine cycle times and reducing material scrap.

Because they provide high-accuracy, dynamic position measurement along multiple motion axes, reduce cycle times, increase productivity, and improve product quality, magnetostrictive linearposition sensors ensure smooth sensor operation without maintenance expenses and downtime, making them the most reliable and cost-effective position measurement solutions for the complete lifecycle of modern industrial machinery.

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