Today’s pumps, valves, and flow meters are being designed with greater accuracy and flexibility to handle a wide range of fluids, chemicals, and other materials. Demands for more reliable operation and lower energy usage dictate these parts be made of materials lighter than previously available, yet robust enough for high pressure, high duty cycle applications.

The performance and reliability of pumps and valves has gotten better, thanks to improvements in sealing materials and fittings, noted Dr. Joseph Kovach, Vice President of Innovation and Technology for Parker Hannifin’s Hydraulics Group. “Systems have become leak-free. We‘ve done interesting things with material and face sealing technologies.

Bent-axis designs are reducing the amount of friction in pumps and allowing higher operating speeds, Kovach noted. He added that some innovative pump designs now incorporate valves to regulate flow and reduce energy usage.

Here are some of the latest fluid handling products:

Ball Valves

altTrunnion-style ball valves from Innovative Pressure Technologies (IPT), Erie, PA, handle working pressures to 20,000 psi. The valves have a bi-directional, trunnion-style enclosure and a blowout-proof, one-piece stem suited for severe-duty service in critical process isolation, hydraulic process fluid, and automated service with actuator applications.

The valves have independently adjustable, spring-loaded seats for long life. Standard port sizes are 3/16, ¼, 3/8, or ½ in. Standard connections are male or female NPT, M/P cone and thread, and H/P cone and thread. Fiveway valve configurations optimize process control, with an optional three-way valve for switching or diverting operation. Construction materials include type 316 stainless steel, glass-filled Teflon packing, and glass-filled PEEK seats and Viton seals.

High Pressure Pump

altITT Corp., White Plains, NY, has unveiled its Flojet® Pentaflex Series 7.0 GPM high-pressure pump. The pump is constructed with co-injection mold diaphragm technology, which according to the company eliminates potential leak paths. The pump’s five-chamber design enables the pump to handle operating pressures exceeding 60 psi and self-priming capabilities exceeding 10 ft.

The pump is available in models rated 12 and 24 Vdc. It is made of Santo-EPDM and Santo-Viton to resist corrosion.

Flow Monitor

altThe FlowHUB hydraulic flow monitoring solution from Webtec Products Ltd., Milwaukee, WI, can replace up to six discrete hydraulic components, saving installation time and cost. It can measure, display, and signal alarm conditions, and transmit flow readings to a programmable logic controller or data acquisition system.

The flow monitor covers five flow ranges up to 100 gpm at up to 6000 psi. Custom and OEM versions are available. Applications include condition monitoring, preventive maintenance, component testing, and closed-loop control.