The dual-axis EZHR17EN stepper motor controller and driver from AllMotion, (San Jose, CA) is designed for off-the-shelf, rapid implementation in miniature applications. Measuring 1.6 × 1.6" and featuring encoder feedback, it provides up to two amps drive current for one axis and up to one amp for the second, with an optional second stepper or bi-directional DC driver daughtercard. The unit microsteps up to 1/256, and is suited for medical, scientific, and optical equipment. It is capable of standalone operation and can be programmed to execute a string of preset commands upon power-up.

The integrated stepper motor controller and driver fasten to the back of the stepper motor. A single four-wire bus equipped with two power wires and two communication wires can link up to 16 stepper motor controllers in a daisy chain. Other features include RS-232, RS-485, or USB-based communication; up to 20 million microsteps/second; and operation from 12V to 40V.