29-Mpx B6620 Camera
From high-speed automated inspection of printed circuit boards to rapid 3D mapping of disaster areas, Imperx (Boca Raton, FL) supports a wide range of high-resolution video-capture applications with two 29-Mpx B6620 cameras. Units are available with either Gigabit Ethernet or Camera Link outputs. Shutter speeds up to 1.25 × 10-5 second freeze even the most rapid motion. Frame rates up to 2.4 fps follow rapidly evolving scenes. Standard F-mount allows inexpensively fitting the cameras to almost any optical-system requirement. The cameras’ ability to image at light levels as low as 1 lux (f/1.4) allows capturing even dimly lit scenes. The cameras’ small size (60 × 60 × 45 mm), light weight (320 gm), wide operating temperature range (-30-85 °C), low power consumption (3.6 W at 12 V), and high shock rating (10 g shock at 20-200 Hz, and 70 g sustained acceleration) make it suitable for a wide range of research and testing applications under harsh conditions. Two models are available: the IGV-B6620 outputs video over gigabit Ethernet, and the ICL-B6620 over Base Camera Link.

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