altIntense, Ltd. (Glasgow, UK) released Hermes™, a family of High Power Laser (HPL) products. Included are single emitters, bars, conductively and micro-channel cooled bars, and stacks. The single emitters have wavelengths of 808 nm (up to 5 W), 940 nm (up to 7 W), and 980 nm (up to 7 W). The bars are at 808 nm and 940 nm (both up to 100 W), while the conductively cooled bars are 808 nm (up to 60 W) and the micro-channel cooled bars are 808 nm (up to 100 W). The stack is 808 nm (up to 805 W). The devices operate in both continuous-wave and quasi-continuous-wave modes. The line is designed for use in industrial, medical, defense, and aerospace applications.

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