OPTIM Inc. (Sturbridge, MA) introduces the FreedomView™ LED Fiberscope, a handheld, portable inspection device that combines a high intensity LED light source with a flexible insertion shaft that can be fully immersed in water, gasoline, and diesel fuel. The fiberscope provides fast and accurate remote imaging, enabling visual inspections of hard-to-reach places such as car engines, jet engine turbines, and cargo holds.

altThe scope comes in 2 diameters: 4.0 mm and 6.0 mm, and 4 lengths: 20"/40"/60"/80". The 6 mm version features two-way articulation at tip with 90 degree viewing option. A video or digital camera can be attached to the scope’s eyepiece to record findings for future use. The scope has a high intensity LED light source with 5500 Kelvin/natural light quality and is portable at 1.5 lbs. The FreedomView™ also has a pulse-width modulated lithium battery for maximum battery life.

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