Computer Conversions Corp. (East Northport, NY) introduced a series of Digital to Synchro Converters with 14-, 12-, or 10-bit resolution that can provide up to 25 VA and are designed to drive torque receivers with accuracies of up to ±10 minutes of arc. The unit is unaffected by overload and transient conditions. At 4.5 × 9.25 × 1" (400 Hz), units accept a 14-bit natural binary angle and convert it into 3-wire synchro or 4-wire resolver signals. The output is protected from shorting and thermal overload. Available output voltages are 90 or 11.8 V RMS L-L, 60 or 400 HZ. Digital inputs are TTL/DTL compatible. Operating temperature ranges are 0 to 70°C or -55 to 85°C. Synchro output is transformer-isolated in most models.

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