Elmo Motion Control (Westford, MA) has announced the integration of its SimplIQ core servo technology with plug and play capabilities into the Duet series of brushless DC servo motors. The Duet can support resolver feedback, programming capabilities, and communication protocols. The technology’s CANpen support in the motor enables users to add axes to the system by using Elmo’s Composer software. The composer also allows for configuration, testing, and turning by communicating via CANopen or RS-232. Since the main components are built into the motor, the Duet is able to maintain a compact size and requires fewer and shorter cables, which can speed up the wire routing process. The Duet is available in six different models with power ranging from 0.16 Nm (22.7 oz-in) to 2.5 Nm (354 oz-in) within a voltage range of 10 to 96 VDC.

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