Haydon Switch & Instrument (Waterbury, CT) has added the size 14 hybrid to its line of linear actuators. The devices are available with a 0.9-degree step angle and come in all four designs: captive, non-captive, external linear, and linear rotary. Combined with a stainless steel lead screw, the linear actuator provides positioning and motion. The step angle allows for a full-step linear movement of 1.6 microns.

The complete size 14 product line has resolutions ranging from 0.00006" to 0.0025" per step, with operational thrust capabilities of up to 50 pounds. These linear actuators can also be micro-stepped for a finer resolution. The hybrid linear actuators feature a rotor drive nut to offer long-term performance. In addition to standard configurations, Haydon can custom-design the motor to meet user specifications.

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