The AEGIS SGR™ Conductive MicroFiber™ Shaft Grounding Ring from Electro Static Technology (Mechanic Falls, ME) is suitable for predictive maintenance programs on VFD-controlled AC and DC motors. By protecting bearings from electrical damage, the SGR may extend motor life by preventing bearing noise, downtime, and motor repairs and replacements. Preventing shaft current damage, the AEGIS SGR provides predictive/ preventative maintenance programs for motor repair shops, maintenance contractors, HVAC service contractors, and in-house maintenance departments. The SGR’s conductive microfibers work with no friction or wear, are unaffected by dirt and grease, and last for the life of the motor, regardless of the RPM. The SGR can be mounted on any NEMA or IEC motor and provides clearance for motors with shaft shoulders, slingers, bearing caps, or end-bell protrusions.

When used to control the speed of an AC motor, a variable frequency drive (VFD) induces currents on the motor shaft that discharge through bearings, causing fusion craters on bearing race walls. Over time, this may lead to noise, vibration, bearing failure, and motor failure. The AEGIS SGR prevents bearing damage by channeling shaft currents to ground. Conductive microfibers inside the SGR provide the path of least resistance, allowing these shaft currents to discharge safely to the motor frame.

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