Micro Photonics (Irvine, CA) has introduced the Standard Pin-On-Disk and High Load Tribometers. Developed for high-temperature operations, high loads, and high rotational speeds up to 6000 rpm, the tribometer is equipped with a Plexiglas enclosure for testing under varying degrees of humidity and compositions. The high-load instrument allows tests up to 300N (500N optional) with a minimum load of 1N. Tests are compatible with ASTM G99 & DIN 50324 standards. The instruments are available with a white-light chromatic aberration sensor for direct measurement of wear track displacement with nanometer resolution, and a low-pressure pulverization module, where air is compressed and filtered, then mixed with a liquid to create a uniform spray that can be directed to the appropriate test zone. Users with an existing micromeasure profiler can use the chromatic sensor in conjunction with the tribometer for real-time profilometry measurement of the wear track.