The fourth generation of Cedip Infrared Systems’ (Croissy, Beaubourg, France) JADE IR cameras includes enhanced sensitivity (< 20 mK), faster frame rate, and a new windowing mode. The frame rate can be changed with a step resolution of 1 Hz up to 250 Hz at full frame, and up to 25,000 Hz in sub arrays windowing mode. Using high quantum efficiency, thermoelectrically cooled MCT, and InSb focal plane array detectors, the cameras are sensitive to wavelengths throughout the infrared spectrum, including SWIR (0.8-2.5 μm), MWIR (3-5 μm), and LWIR (8-12 μm). The camera sensor array contains 320 × 256 sensing elements, with 14-bit dynamic range. A range of accessories, software tools, and drivers enables use of the camera by system integrators.