JAI’s (San Jose, CA) CV-A436 machine vision camera uses the latest generation of VGA resolution progressive scan 1⁄3-in. imager that allows the compact head size of 17 mm (diameter) and 46 mm (length). The head is connected to the controller via a detachable robotics-grade 2-m cable. The controller box measures 29 × 44 × 66 mm. The CV-A436 features double-speed technology, enabling a high-frame-rate operation without sacrificing the S/N ratio of > 53dB. The CV-A436’s frame rate is 60 fps for full VGA resolution, while several binning and partial scan readout modes allow frame rates up to 268 fps at 1/6-frame partial scan. All camera functions, such as trigger modes, readout modes, shutter speed, and gain/offset level, are set via the RS-232C serial interface. The CV-A436 has a standard analog 1V p-p video output, compatible with a wide range of frame-grabber boards.