Leica Geosystems (Unterentfelden, Switzerland) has released several laser trackers, ranging from portable units to large-scale units designed for the automotive and aerospace industries. The LT640 Leica Laser Tracker is optimized for corner cube reflector inspection within a measurement volume of up to 40 m. The LTD706 short-range laser tracker is intended for portable CMM jobs within a measurement radius of 6 m. The LTD709 was designed for the automotive industry, offering a measurement radius of up to 9 m for PCMM applications, an increase of 25 percent over the model it replaces. At the same time, LTD709 has a measurement volume of 25 m when used with a corner cube reflector. Designed for aerospace applications, the LTD840 has a probing measurement range of up to 15 m, which translates into a measurement volume of up to 30 m when used with a T-Probe; LTD840’s measurement range reaches a full 40 m when used with a corner cube reflector. The T-Probe II “Walk-Around” solution offers improved accuracy, a ten-fold increase in the point rate output, and user-assignable multi-function buttons.