Carl Zeiss MicroImaging (Thornwood, NY) has introduced the SteREO Discovery.V12 stereomicroscope with improved stability and image quality. The new microscope obtains more image information through an optical design that offers high-contrast images with attention to color reproduction, depth of field, high resolution, and 3D brilliance. The system comes with a SyCoP (System Control Panel) that combines all of the major control functions of the stereomicroscope such as zoom, focus, contrast, and illumination. It also supplies current data on object field, resolution, and depth of focus. A new stand design allows the instrument to focus in steps of up to 350 nm across a range of 340 nm. The SteREO Discovery.V12 also includes a new LED illumination and contrasting system, Ergo-phototube, specimen protection, 3-position nosepiece, and a light and focus speed manager. By adding AxioVision 4.3 software, the SteREO Discovery.V12 can also record, process, analyze, and archive images.