Aculight (Bothell, WA) built the polarized Picasso Model PF1550PM-30 fiber laser for military and commercial applications. The fiber laser produces 4- to 6-ns pulses at repetition rates from 50 kHz to 200 kHz with 1-W average output power. It generates maximum pulse energy of 20 μJ at 50 kHz. The unit’s 1.54-μm output is diffraction limited. The 1-μm version, Picasso Model PF1060-40, generates 3- to 5-ns pulses at repetition rates between 100 kHz and 1 MHz. It produces up to 10 W of average power at a repetition rate of 1 MHz and maximum peak powers of 30 kW. The unit’s output is less than 1.4 times the diffraction limit. All Picasso units measure just 3.5 × 11 × 13" and weigh 16 pounds or less.