The SIM Multi-Channel Framing Camera from Specialised Imaging Ltd. (Tring, Herts, UK) provides the choice of 4, 6, 8, or 16 separate optical channels. Effects such as parallax and shading are eliminated and the spatial resolution of >50 lp/mm is the same frame to frame and in both axes. The camera also offers users the ability to mount individual filters on each optical channel. Referenced to a 200-MHz quartz crystal clock, the SIM is capable of data acquisition rates of up to 200 million fps for all 16 channels, providing low nanosecond exposures necessary for the temporal dissection of very fast phenomena such as laser ablation, high-voltage breakdown, combustion research, fluorescence decay, crack propagation, impact mechanics, and nanotechnology applications. The 8-channel version of this new system provides a unique supplementary port allowing secondary instruments (e.g., high-speed video, time-resolved spectrometer, or streak cameras) to share the same optical axis as the framing channels.