altOSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ (San Jose, CA) Golden DRAGON LEDs offer bright daytime running light and low energy consumption. While thin-film technology ensures that almost all the light produced in the semiconductor chip is at the surface, a low forward voltage reduces the amount of power the LED needs. The company has added its ARGUS lens system from radial light-emitting diodes and adapted it to SMT LEDs (Surface Mounted Technology) such as the Golden DRAGON ARGUS. All four LED chips are manufactured in thin-film technology and have a correspondingly high luminous efficacy. Displays backlit with OSRAM LEDs do not need active cooling because the system does not exceed 60 °C. The LEDs contain no lead or mercury and comply with RoHS guidelines. They are also vibration-proof and shockproof and have a life of more than 50,000 hours.