altPhotonic Products (Hertsfordshire, UK) offers a lead-free, blue-violet wavelength (405 nm) laser diode from Sanyo, the DL-5146-152 405 nm. The device is a 35-mW CW, (50-mW pulsed) laser diode that incorporates an internal monitor photodiode to control device output. Designed for applications where a stable, controlled output is critical, such as biomedical instrumentation, medical imaging, fluorescence sensing, spectroscopy, and microscopy, the DL-5146-152 comes in a 5.6-mm package with M-type common cathode pin configuration. The DL-5146-152 laser diode has a low threshold current of 38 mA, typical operating current of 75 mA, operating voltage of 5.6 V, threshold voltage of 4.8 V, monitoring output current of 0.2 mA, laser reverse voltage of 2 V and differential efficiency of 0.9 mW/mA at a visible wavelength of 405 nm. The operating temperature range is 0 °C to +60 °C.