Confocal chromatic optical pens from Micro Photonics (Irvine, CA) allow 30 different optical pen configurations for specific depth of field, spot size, working distance, object slope, and photometric efficiency. Users can choose from five magnifiers, ranging from 3.3-mm to 29-mm focal lengths, and six different chromatic lenses, ranging from 130-μm to 27-mm depths of field. Pens can achieve maximum axial resolution of 5 nm, accuracy to 20 nm, and max slope to 87∫ for diffusive objects. Based on white light chromatic aberration, the pens provide lateral resolution of 1.1 μm and vertical resolution of 5 nm. The pens are suitable for applications in profilometry, microtopography, auto-focus vibrometry, in-line inspection quality control, and thickness measurements.

Photonics Tech Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the July, 2006 issue of Photonics Tech Briefs Magazine.

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