TOPTICA Photonics AG (Graefelfing, Germany) offers the TA 100 single-mode output diode laser and amplifier systems, which may serve as a replacement for dye- or frequency-doubled solidstate lasers. The red-wavelength lasers provide a sensing range of 660 to 673 nm and an output power of 250 mW. The amplifier systems provide a sensing range of 660 to 1,080 nm with power up to 1 Watt. They offer single spatial and spectral mode output, narrow line width, and tenability. They can boost the output power of diode or gas lasers by a factor of 100. Applications include interferometry, holography, Raman spectroscopy, and atom cooling and trapping. The systems also enable accessibility to the resonance line of Lithium at 671 nm.

Photonics Tech Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the July, 2006 issue of Photonics Tech Briefs Magazine.

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