The X1-1 + XD-9506-4 UV hazard meter and detector from Gigahertz- Optik (Newburyport, MA) can operate and display separate UV-C/B and UV-A detector measurements, and can calculate and display the sum of the two detector readings for UV hazard assessment. The XD-9506 detector covers the ACGIH/ICNIRP UV spectral guidelines by employing two sensor/filter/diffuser combinations, providing separate ACGIH UV-A and ACGIH UVC/B spectral responses. The two-sensor method enables assessment of hazard because the ACGIH/ICNIRP UV-C/B function exhibits approximately 10,000× higher weighting than UV-A.

altThe detector design ensures isolation among the ACGIH, UV-A, and UV-C/B spectral regions. Both sensors are mounted on one housing unit that connects to the X1-1 meter via a 2-meter-long cable. Other features include dose measurement function, RUN/HOLD, USB interface, and backlit LCD.