altThe TT-02 from ELMO USA Corp. (Plainview, NY) is an XGA-output Visual Presenter that enables users to share information, documents, and small 3D objects with audiences. The camera contains a 5.3× optical zoom, 8× digital zoom, and one-touch auto focus. It features an 850,000-pixel scan CCD for reproduction of full-size A3 documents and 3D objects. At a speed of 20 fps, it captures and displays objects in real time. Its arm design allows the camera to be moved up and down to offer point-of-view images. A switch-selectable output provides an RGB digital signal that goes to a DLP or LCD projector. The signal can be output to NTSC to connect a TV or VCR for viewing and recording. The TT-02 also can be used as a switching device to loop through a PC’s output, allowing the user to switch between the shooting area and a PC display such as a PowerPoint® presentation.