Wavelength Electronics (Bozeman, MT) now offers a USBKIT interface board and software package for its laser control systems. The bus-powered USB 2.0 interface board is easily wired using on-board screw terminals, and the Quick- Connect™ virtual control panel provides strip chart graphs that show real-time laser system status. One laser diode driver and one temperature controller can be simultaneously operated with the USBKIT. Multiple USBKITs can be attached to the same computer.

altA factory-modified National Instruments multifunction I/O card includes D/A for remote setpoint control and auxiliary A/Ds. The software controls one laser diode driver, one temperature controller, and features graphing and data logging. Setup configuration can be saved for repeating experiments or manufacturing testing. The QuickConnect software includes on-screen wiring diagrams for the connected Wavelength modules.

A graphic user interface can be used to set the desired load temperature as a voltage or a temperature. Maximum and minimum temperature limits can also be established, as well as whether laser diode current is disabled if temperature limits are exceeded.

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