The VarioCAM® thermography camera from JENOPTIK Laser, Jena, Germany, features an image resolution up to 1.2 megapixels and is designed for applications in scientific and industrial research and development. The camera is based on Resolution-Enhancement-Technology, an optomechanical procedure in which the resolution of the 640 × 480-pixel microbolometer detector is quadrupled during the image saving process. In this way, the camera supplies thermal images with quality almost equal to photographs.

Images and radiometric data can be transferred in real time from the camera to a computer. The camera features a standard derivation of ±1,5K in the temperature measurement range from 0 to 100°C. The integrated PremiumSnap function improves pixel-to-pixel measurement and image homogeneity. A self-fixing bayonet catch enables the lens to be replaced using one hand. The camera weighs 1.5 kg, and features an ergonomic support for the hand heel.

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