Sony Electronics, Park Ridge, NJ, has introduced the EVI-HD1 high-definition EVI robotic camera, a single-chip-based, pan/tilt/zoom camera with multi-format capabilities to output both standard and high-definition video. The camera uses a 1080i CMOS sensor that delivers high-definition resolution in 720p, 1080i, or 1080p. The camera can be used with compatible codecs and systems from other manufacturers, due to its ability to output standard-definition video (YC and composite), high-definition analog component (Y, Pub, Pr), or digital HD-SDI.

The unit incorporates a 10× optical zoom lens with a 70-degree horizontal field of view. The EVI-HD1 is also equipped with high-torque, high-speed direct drive motors that enable smooth, fast, and quiet pan/tilt operations. The camera’s pan/tilt/zoom controls can be operated by a supplied IR Remote Commander® unit or via the RS-232C interface (VISCATM protocol) with a variety of commercially available controllers.