Olympus NDT, Waltham, MA, has introduced the COBRA, a manual scanner designed to inspect welds in pipes with diameters as small as 0.84". It is used alongside the OmniScan® MX Phased Array flaw detector with the 16:128 module and OmniScan MXU software. It also features a low vertical profile to allow rotation around the pipe when adjacent obstructions are as close as 12 mm. The spring-loaded design can clamp onto carbon steel and stainless steel pipes of various diameters.

altThe scanner is able to hold two low-profile phased array probes for an inspection of the weld in one pass. It can also be configured to make one-sided inspections with one probe. Phased array probes offer optimized elevation focusing to improve detection of small defects in thin-walled pipes. The scanner is waterproof, rustproof, and CE-compliant.

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