Sony Electronics, Park Ridge, NJ, has released the XCI Series Smart Cameras for machine vision applications that include color capabilities. The four new cameras are offered in VGA and SXGA resolutions, in color or monochrome. Other features include support for C and CS mounts, additional SDRAM memory, and ×86 CPU performance. The digital I/O includes two USB 2.0 ports and Gigabit Ethernet. The Windows® XPe models have an open architecture.

The black-and-white XCI-V100 and color XCI-V100C are available in VGA resolution with a sensor capable of achieving 90 frames per second frame rates. The XCI-SX100 and XCI-SX100C models image at SXGA resolution, using a light-sensitive CCD sensor with a 30 fps frame rate. All feature an auto-iris lens output.

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