altSpaceClaim, Concord, MA, has released SpaceClaim Engineer 2012 3D direct modeling software with new capabilities in reverse engineering, model preparation for simulation, manufacturing, and data reuse. A SketchUp conversion feature detects regions where SketchUp’s approximated, facetted geometry was derived from analytic surfaces such as cylinders and cones, and automatically replaces them with precise geometry. Other capabilities include multiple solid editing capabilities, such as cone manipulation, surface pivoting, and distance-by-angle chamfers; recognition and editing of standard holes; a lightweight viewer and Microsoft extensions that allow viewing of models from compatible programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Explorer; and JT with PMI export. Detailing improvements include exploded views, aligned and unfolded sections, arc length dimensions, text fitting, and alignment tools, as well as BOM templates. A new set of 2D and 3D curve repair tools facilitates working with existing drawings and wireframe data, and converting them to solid models.

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