altData Translation, Marlboro, MA, has released the DT9862S high-speed simultaneous USB data acquisition module that offers a bandwidth of 300 MHz with crystal-controlled sampling for low-jitter applications. An external clock input enables the user to lock the under-sampling to a multiple of the signal under test. The module offers two 16-bit simultaneous analog channels, two optional analog outputs, 32 DIO lines, two counter/timers, three quadrature decoders, and ±500V galvanic isolation. Each analog input has its own A/D converter to eliminate phase shift between channels, and to allow users to correlate measurements at the exact, same instant in time. The module is available installed in a metal connection box with SMA connectors, or as a board-level OEM version. A full range of software options is standard, including Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible drivers.

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