AMETEK Programmable Power (San Diego, CA) has expanded its Elgar TerraSAS ™ line with the ETS Series Standalone Photovoltaic (PV) Simulator. The new series includes three models for testing PV inverters across a wide spectrum of applications. ETS 80 tests micro-inverters or DC optimizers up to 80 VDC Voc. ETS 600 can test string inverters that contain transformer isolation up to 600 VDC Voc. ETS 1000 is for non-isolated string inverters up to 1000 VDC Voc. The ETS 600 and ETS 1000 are 3U rack units, while the ETS 80 comes in a 1U package.

altFor microgrids, energy storage, and inverter test applications, TerraSAS PV Simulators are specifically designed to emulate the dynamic electrical behavior of a terrestrial PV solar array. They offer low output capacitance and high closed loop bandwidth to keep up with the advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms used in today’s grid-tied inverters.

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