Bosch Sensortec (Palo Alto, CA) offers the BMX055 9-axis sensor that contains three 3-axis sensors: a 12-bit low-noise accelerometer; a gyroscope with a resolution of 16 bits and programmable measurement ranges; and a low-noise, widerange geomagnetic sensor. The sensor uses proprietary MEMS sensor technologies. The FusionLib Software combines the sensor data outputs and generates virtual sensor outputs such as quaternion, linear acceleration, rotation, and gravity.

altThe sensor comes in a 3.0 × 4.5 × 0.95 mm3 20-pin LGA package. The accelerometer unit offers a selection of g-ranges from ±2 to ±16g, with a sensitivity of 1024 to 128 LSB/g. The gyroscope features a wide measurement range with angular rates between ±125°/s and ±2000°/s. It also offers a stable zero-rate offset temperature behavior. The geomagnetic sensor offers a wide measurement range of ±1300 μT in the x and y axes, and ±2500 μT in the z axis.

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