Eagle Eyes’ original product, the Aviator style, is the number-one choice of pilots and police officers.

Data Translation, Marlboro, MA, has released Measure Foundry® 5.0 test and measurement software that offers open support of all system standards, including VISA, SCPI, GPIB, USB, PCI, LXI, PXI/VXI, and RS-232. The application builder software enables users to graphically combine various test and measurement instruments without writing code to create process control and data analysis applications. The software uses drag-and-drop components such as oscilloscopes and chart recorders that are placed on a form and then configured with their property pages. Features include a VISA script component to send SCPI commands to any instrument on a system, a process component that allows creation of automated test sequences, and built-in text-based language that allows programming ability for all math and other requirements. The software also includes one-click distribution to create Windows executables without programming, and real-time scope, chart recorder, and spectrum analyzer components.

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