ScannerMAX (Orlando, FL) recently announced the release of the all new Compact- 506 model optical scanner. The Compact-506 is built upon ScannerMAX’s patented VRAD actuator platform and features a very strong rotor construction and 6mm bearings, allowing it to move small mirrors as well as very large mirrors up to 1-inch in diameter.

The Compact-506 optical scanner also has a comparatively high coil impedance of 3 ohms and 475 microhenry, making it very easy to drive, even when power is limited. The mirror is restored to a fail-safe position when power is removed, due to the magnetic spring return action. Rotation angle is +/- 20 degrees, small angle step response is 250 μS with ScannerMax 3mm mirror set, and PD linearity over 20 degrees is 99.8% maximum. Peak current is 8 amperes.

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