Lumics GmbH (Berlin, Germany) has broadened its portfolio of single-mode fiber pigtailed butterfly 14-pin modules by adding 786nm to that product line as a standard wavelength. Modules are now available in the following wavelengths: 786, 793, 808, 850, 915, 980, 1012, 1025, 1032, 1064, 1070, and 1080nm. Other customized wavelengths between 750 — 1100 nm are available on request. The Lumics' hermetically sealed BTF14 modules are manufactured as per Telcordia standard GR-468-CORE. The modules can be either cw or pulsed. They are available with up to 500mW output power cw, or up to 2W pulsed. Lumics offers all BTF 14-pin modules also with a laser diode driver e.g. as a compact, table-top solution. 

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