Laser Components Canada (Hudson, NH) has set a new world record with its pulsed laser diodes at 905 nm. Peak power levels of up to 650W emitted from a small TO-18 housing and are available on a standard basis. These PLDs are based on “multi-junction” laser technology, meaning they contain several epitaxially integrated emitters with a total emitting area of 200μm x 10μm. At a pulse length of 150 ns, it is possible to achieve a peak performance of at least 70W from a single chip. The metal housing allows a higher thermal load, which permits overdriving the diode and ultimately leads to the achievement of an output of up to 650W from a stacked array design. Due to the combination of a small emitter area and an extremely high peak performance, the new 3J08 series is optimally suited for fiber coupling.

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