ADLINK (Taipei, Taiwan) has released a quad-core x86 smart camera, the NEON-1040. The device features a 4-MP 60-fps global shutter sensor, quad core Intel® Atom™ 1.9 GHz processors, and flexible software support. With FPGA coprocessor support, the NEON-1040 accelerates image pre-processing, including LUT (look up table), ROI (region of interest), and shading correction.

The 68.5 × 110 × 52.7 mm NEON-1040 has a rugged construction and is housed in a dust-proof, washable IP-67-rated casing. M12 connectors allow the NEON-1040 to withstand harsh industrial environments. The additional GigE port enables connectivity with external devices, such as GigE Vision slave cameras, and EtherCAT with I/O control modules. The built-in PMM lighting control conserves TCO while communicating with LED lighting. Other features include I/O support; optional Microsoft Embedded Standard 7; onboard 2 GB RAM; and up to 32 GB storage.

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