The CirrusSense™ wireless router from Transducers Direct (Cincinnati, OH) provides remote pressure readings, diagnostics, and immediate email/text alarm alerts transmitted by CirrusSense™ pressure transducers. The device provides Internet connectivity for Bluetooth-enabled CirrusSense pressure sensors attached to refrigerant, oil, and water lines.

The Bluetooth-capable CirrusSense™ sensor attaches to pressurized lines via a T fitting. Patent-pending circuitry delivers battery life in permanent installations, with redundant sensing capability and self-monitoring. A free mobile app (“T-Direct TDWLB” for Apple or Android devices) allows the user to name each sensor one time securely, set the scaling for the application, program setpoints/alarms for multiple sensors, and monitor readings. The app also automatically calculates superheat and sub-cooling readouts. The CirrusSense™ sensor is EMI/RFI protected and sealed to IP-65 rating. Standard overpressure rating is 2X, with 4X optional.

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