New Scale Technologies, Inc. (Victor, NY) has announced a new developer’s kit in its M3 micro-mechatronic product line. The DK-M3-RS-U-1M-20 is a complete piezoelectric mirror positioning system with a familiar galvo-scanner form factor, but a drastically smaller size – only 12 mm diameter including the embedded closedloop controller.

The smart stage rotates the pre-mounted aluminum-coated mirror +/- 20 degrees at up to 1100 degrees/second with accuracy of 0.25 degrees for precise, point-to-point positioning or dynamic scanning up to 100 Hz. With only 3.3 VDC input, it is suited for handheld and portable instruments. The positioner accepts direct input of high-level digital motion commands from a system processor via I2C, SPI, UART, or analog servo interface.

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