Thermal Cameras

New Exx-Series advanced thermal imaging cameras from FLIR Systems (Wilsonville, OR) feature interchangeable lenses, laser-assisted autofocus modes, higher resolutions, and a larger, brighter touchscreen.

The FLIR E75, E85, and E95 cameras automatically recognize and calibrate the intelligent lenses, eliminating the need for manual calibration. For the FLIR E85 and E95 models, on-screen area measurement is provided in square feet or meters. The FLIR E85 and E95 models additionally offer increased thermal detector resolutions with up to 464 x 348 (161,472 pixels), and measure temperatures up to 1,500 °C.

The Exx-Series cameras also include a rugged, water-resistant design and scratch-resistant Dragontrail™ cover glass over an optically-bonded, projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen. Each product's display is 33 percent brighter and 30 percent larger than previous cameras.

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Infrared Camera

Sierra-Olympic Technologies (Hood River, OR) has released the Viento HD Lab, a longwave-infrared (LWIR) camera with high-definition (HD) imaging. The Viento HD camera, based upon a 1920 x 1200 x 12 μm uncooled sensor, includes a 24-mm F1.1 athermalized, custom-designed optic and HD camera housing with conductive cooling. The system delivers 16-bit, full-dynamic-range digital data, or digital data with automatic gain control (AGC). Controlled via USB, the uncooled camera offers LWIR imagery at 30 Hz frame rate and thermal sensitivity at 30 mK NETD at F1.0. The digital acquisition system includes a configured frame grabber for full frame rate, full bit depth acquisition, and display.

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Spectroscopy-Enabled Detectors

Andor Technology Ltd. (Belfast, Northern Ireland), an Oxford Instruments company, offers an ultrafast Spectroscopy Mode on its Zyla and iStar scientific CMOS (sCMOS) platforms. On-head camera intelligence provides high dynamic range, fully user-configurable, binned single-spectrum or multiple (multi-track) spectra. A 32-bit data transmission mode also preserves the signal dynamic range in extensive spectroscopy binning scenarios.

The Zyla "Spectroscopy" Mode provides spectral rates up to 27,057 samples per second (sps), with 10s of microsecond time-resolution. A multi-track mode offers up to 6,000 acquisitions per second. The iStar features spectral rates up to 4,000 sps, with nanosecond time-resolution.

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High-Speed Camera

Teledyne DALSA (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), a Teledyne Technologies company, has announced a new model to its Genie™ Nano GigE Vision camera series. Built around the 18-Megapixel ON Semiconductor® AR1820HS, a backside illuminated (BSI) image sensor, the Genie Nano C4900 camera delivers a rolling shutter and low-light performance as a result of its 1/2.3-inch format, 1.25-μm, active-pixel digital imager.

Genie Nano cameras combine standard gigabit Ethernet technology (supporting GigE Vision 1.2) with Teledyne DALSA's Trigger-to-Image-Reliability framework to capture and transfer images from the camera to the host PC. The products are available in a number of models implementing different sensors, image resolutions, and feature sets, in monochrome or color versions. Additional capabilities of the 44 x 29 x 21mm camera include active resolution of 4912 x 3684 pixels; temperature range of -20 to 60 °C; and Linux support.

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Motorized Zoom Beam Expanders

Special Optics (Denville, NJ) has developed motorized versions of their zoom beam expanders that combine their proprietary five-lens element optical designs from their manual zoom beam expanders with built-in adjustment motors for controlling lens groups. With their motorized systems, both expansion ratio and focus can be controlled independently from a remote location via controller electronics and software running on the Windows platform or C++.

Beam wander is critical in any zoom lens so Special Optics employs a proprietary "rail" design which allows for minimal beam wander while maintaining diffraction limited performance over the entire expansion range. Custom designs have been built, which produce wander of less than 0.1 mrad.

Variable magnification levels can automatically be set ranging from 1x-4x.

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High Power Varistor

Littelfuse, Inc. (Chicago, IL) introduced its first varistor series designed for high power applications that can operate at ambient temperatures up to 125 °C with 2500V isolation voltage. The HMOV™ Varistor Series’ high operating temperature is an advance made possible through the use of a new silicone coating technology. Competitive epoxy-coated varistor designs are typically limited to maximum temperatures of just 85 °C.

In addition to high operating temperature characteristics, the HMOV Varistor features high surge current absorption of up to 10kA (8/20μs), reliability confirmed by a 1000-cycle thermal stress test, and high isolation voltage (2500V). The series is available in disc diameters of 10 mm, 14 mm, and 20 mm.

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