Brushless AC Servo Motors

Allied Motion Technologies (Amherst, NY) introduced the HeiMotion™ Premium (HMP) brushless AC servo motor family. The motors, which have a 20,000+ hour life span, are available in five metric frame sizes with rated torque from 0.12 up to 14.4 Nm, and continuous shaft power from 50 W to 3.75 kW. Standard flange sizes include 40, 60, 80, 100, and 130 mm. Top speed ranges from 2,000 to 9,000 RPM; holding torque goes from 0.18 to 18.5 Nm; and winding voltage choices extend from 48 V up to 560 V. Optional features include standard resolver or encoder (including single cable HIPERFACE® DSL interface), holding brake, and connector choices.

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Mounting Clamps

J.W. Winco, Inc. (New Berlin, WI) announced the GN 784 metric size, aluminum mounting clamps with swivel ball joint. The clamps, which are RoHS compliant, allow precise and variable adjustment of the ball pivot within the rotation range. They can be mounted from below via the internal thread, or mounted with the company’s GN 784.1 flange using three through-holes from above. The housing is aluminum with a black anodized finish, while the base plate and ball are aluminum with a plain finish. An adjustable hand lever is zinc die cast, powder coated in silver with a textured finish. The threaded stud, retaining screw, and set screw are stainless steel.

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Electric Linear Module

The ELP electric linear module from SCHUNK (Morrisville, NC) comes with direct drive and an integrated controller. It is scope-free guided using a pre-loaded roller guide, and can be adjusted in two steps. The end positions are mechanically adjusted with a screw, and the speed of extension and retraction is adjusted using rotary switches on the side of the unit. Speed can be automatically adjusted, depending on extension weight, and no shock absorber adjustment is necessary because the drive automatically regulates the brake process. The control and power electronics are directly integrated into the module, and can be controlled by a Fieldbus distributor or through digital signals.

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6-Axis Robots

TM Robotics (Elk Grove Village, IL) offers three models of its TVM 6-axis robots. The robots are compatible with other Toshiba Machine products, including its injection molding machines and machine tools. The TVM is a vertically articulated robot series aimed at a multitude of industries. The three models of the TVM are: TVM900/TSL3200E with a 1124 mm reach and 20 kg payload, TVM1200/TSL3200E with a 1418 mm reach and 15 kg payload, and TVM1500/TSL3200E with a 1715 mm reach and 10 kg payload. Combined with the company’s robot vision recognition package, TSVision3D, the TVM supports implementation of bin-picking automation.

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Modular PLC

Delta Americas (Raleigh, NC) announced the AS300 Series compact programmable logic controller (PLC). The modular PLC features integrated 6-axis motion control via pulse control (200 kHz or 4 MHz), and built-in encoder feedback. Up to eight of the company’s ASDA-A2 Series servos can be controlled with the addition of a CANopen network module. The rack-less design includes the company’s “Slide-Lock” feature for connection and expansion without moving other modules. A 32-bit CPU provides execution speed of 40k steps/ms, and supports up to 32 extension modules or up to 1,024 outputs. The AS300 includes a built-in Ethernet port, SMTP email server connectivity for alarm notification, an integrated light-webserver, and direct database connectivity via the eServer tool. It provides multi-layer password protection and includes a Micro SD card with up to 32 GB of additional storage.

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Angle Sensors

Novotechnik, U.S. (Southborough, MA) introduced the RFC4800 series of touchless rotary angle sensors that provide absolute rotary position. Partial and fully redundant versions are ISO pulses and ISO 11452 tested for safety and mission-critical applications. The sensors use a magnetic pickup to provide a touchless measurement range of 0 to 360°, and make measurements through air and non-magnetic materials. A magnetic pickup mounts to a shaft on the target design, with seven different size markers available. Features include ingress protection from liquids and dust to the IP 69K standard, resolution of 14 bits, repeatability of 0.36°, and independent linearity of ±0.5%. Analog and digital output versions are available that include CANOpen and IO-Link.

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Planar Gantry

Festo (Hauppauge, NY) expanded its line of planar gantries with two larger models, the EXCM-30 and EXCM-40. The EXCM series provides two- or three-axis Cartesian motion for benchtop assembly machines and medical laboratory devices. The units can be installed directly on a worktable without an external control cabinet. The EXCM-30 has a clean look housing, and the cover of the Y-axis provides basic protection against the ingress and discharge of particles. The Y-stroke can be expanded to 16, 18, and 20 inches (410, 460, and 510 mm). The EXCM-40 has a larger working area of up to 78 inches (2000 mm) in the X direction and 39 inches (1000 mm) in the Y direction. A 48-V power supply can dynamically handle loads of up to 8.8 pounds (4 kg). A controller package consisting of two motors and a CMXH controller is available for both versions.

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