Assembly Pins

JW Winco, New Berlin, WI, offers GN 2342 RoHS-compliant stainless steel assembly pins with three washer types available that place the bolt in an axial position in its insertion direction. The washer with eyelet (Type E), the assembly pin, and a corresponding spring cotter pin can be secured to prevent loss using a retaining cable or ball chain. The washer with mounting shackle (Type L) simultaneously acts as loss protection and anti-rotation protection.

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Electronics Enclosures

ROLEC Enclosures, Bridgeville, PA, introduced polyTOP glass-fiber-reinforced polyester enclosures in 13 standard sizes. The IP 66 enclosures are suitable for a range of electronics applications in harsh indoor and outdoor environments. The enclosures feature a single-channel lid and assembly fastening system to maximize internal space. Four different polyamide fixings are available: slotted (standard), triangular, square head, or hand screws for fast access. Threaded bushes for the lid fastenings are made of stainless steel, as are the exterior mounting brackets.

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Vector Spectrum Analyzer

The Triarchy Technologies VSA6G2A vector spectrum analyzer from Saelig Company, Fairport, NY, is a USB RF tool that plugs into the USB port of a PC, and is controlled with provided PC software. It offers functionality of a benchtop spectrum analyzer and features a frequency range from 100 Hz to 6.2 GHz, with an amplitude measurement range of -140 dBm to 24 dBm. Demodulation capabilities allow the device to measure analog and digitally modulated signals such as AM, FM, PM, MSK, and QPSK.

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Barcode Readers

Omron Microscan, Renton, WA, offers the HS-360X direct part marks (DPM) handheld and MicroHAWK ID-45 barcode readers that capture DPMs on most surfaces, including dot-peened, laser-etched, and ink-jetted codes regardless of size, density, or contrast. The handheld model is waterproof, dustproof, and includes a 3100-mAh lithium-ion battery. The ID-45 reader integrates into production lines for electronics, medical device manufacturing, and similar industries.

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Wireless System Analysis

Remcom, State College, PA, offers expanded communication channel outputs in Wireless InSite® site-specific radio propagation software for the analysis of wireless systems. The update enhances the software’s Communication Systems Analyzer, which calculates bit error rate (BER) and throughput by post-processing high-fidelity signal coverage predictions, giving users tools to visualize and optimize device performance.

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Self-Clinching Screws

PennEngineering®, Danboro, PA, offers PEM® PFC4™ self-clinching captive panel screws that install permanently into stainless steel enclosures to enable easy access. The captivated screw remains in place where designed in a door or panel, and will not loosen, fall out, or damage internal components. The screws install in stainless sheets as thin as .060” (1.53 mm) with hardness up to HRB 88. The fasteners are manufactured from 400 Series stainless steel, and are available in assorted screw lengths and thread sizes.

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Richardson RFPD, Geneva, IL, offers the AFT31150N 150-W peak power LDMOS transistor from NXP Semiconductors. It is designed for applications operating at frequencies between 2700 MHz and 3100 MHz, and is suitable for use in pulse applications. It offers series-equivalent large-signal impedance parameters, and is qualified up to a maximum of 32 VDD operation, with integrated ESD protection. Additional features include power gain of 17 dB at 3100 MHz, and thermal resistance of 0.042 °C/W.

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Instrumentation Enclosures

Pixus Technologies, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, offers covers for instrumentation enclosures with snap-on lids. The enclosure lids feature a side-edge fold with half shears that allow a solid or perforated enclosure cover to snap into place. The covers have side notches for fitting into rails with 160-mm, 280-mm, or 280-mm depths. EMC gaskets are included. Enclosures are suited for various applications, including industrial, mil/aero, medical, and other markets.

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