Laser Sensors

The optoNCDT 1750 laser sensors from Micro-Epsilon, Raleigh, NC, feature measuring ranges of 500 and 750 mm for fast, high-precision measurement tasks that require large measuring ranges. They are designed for industrial and automation applications, enabling measurements on difficult surfaces such as semi-transparent plastics and ceramics, PCB material, carbon, and glass fiber-reinforced plastics. The sensors operate almost independently of the material and color. Measured results can be obtained via analog or digital RS-422 interface.

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Miniature Fasteners

microPEM® MSOFS™ flaring standoffs from PennEngineering, Danboro, PA, attach and/or space components in compact electronic assemblies. They install permanently in thin panels of any hardness and material, including stainless steel, other metals, plastics, and printed circuit boards. They feature a minimal footprint for reduced centerline-to-edge designs, and reusable threads to accept mating hardware. The fasteners are made of 300 Series stainless steel in thread sizes #0-80, #2-56, and M1 to M2.

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Surge Resistors

The HPWC (high pulse withstanding chip) range of high-energy surge resistor products from TT Electronics, Woking, UK, are suited for protection and discharge applications in compact power supplies and power control circuits where a resistance tolerance of 5% is required. Available in four sizes from 0805 to 2512, the resistors withstand up to 6.5 kV peak for a 1.2/50 μs surge, and up to 3 kW for a 0.1 ms pulse. A compact PCB footprint minimizes use of the PCB area, and the absence of laser trimming means no current crowding.

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Electronics Printer

Optomec, Albuquerque, NM, offers the Aerosol Jet HD System, a compact, configurable production platform that can dispense a range of electronics materials with features as small as 20 microns. The material deposition solution is used to directly print functional electronic circuitry and components onto low-temperature, non-planar substrates, without the need for masks, screens, or subtractive post-processing.

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Frequency Synthesizers

Micro Lambda Wireless, Fremont, CA, released MLVS-Series frequency synthesizers for low-noise and fast-tune applications. A standard frequency model is available covering 500 MHz to 20 GHz, with options to cover down to 50 MHz and up to 21 GHz in a single unit. The standard model operates over the 0 to +65 °C temperature range, with extended temperature versions available. The frequency synthesizers have been designed in a miniature package that fits within a single-slot PXI chassis.

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3D Printer

Aleph Objects, Loveland, CO, introduced the LulzBot Mini 2 Desktop 3D Printer that features a belt-driven Z-axis that allows for rapid travel and accurate layer alignment, with no reduction in minimum resolution. Included as standard equipment are an Aerostruder Tool Head, LulzBot modular bed system with reversible heated glass/PEI surface, and a Graphical LCD Controller for tetherless operation. The printer supports a range of materials including PLA, ABS, nylon, co-polyester, and polycarbonate blends.

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In-Circuit Debugger

Microchip Technology, Chandler, AZ, introduced the MPLAB® PICkit™ in-circuit programming and debugging development tool with a voltage range of 1.2-5V and USB connectivity. The tool is suited for designs in the 8-bit space, as well as for 16- and 32-bit development, using a 300-MHz, ATSAME70Q21B microcontroller onboard. The tool connects to the user’s computer via a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, and can be connected to the target using an 8-pin, single inline header that supports interfaces such as 4-wire JTAG.

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