ImageNMeasurement Computing, Norton, MA, has released the USB-3101 analog data output device that is fully compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports. The full-speed device is supported under Microsoft(r) Windows(r) operating systems and provides four channels of analog voltage output, eight digital I/O connectors, and one 32-bit event counter. Analog output ranges are ±10V and 0-10V. It is powered by the 5V USB supply from a computer, with no external power required. All I/O connections are made to the screw terminals located along each side of the device. Software support includes InstaCal installation, calibration, and test software; universal programming libraries for LabVIEW and other programming languages; SoftWIRE graphical programming system; DASYLab for data acquisition and control; and MATLAB's Data Acquisition Toolbox for control and communication.

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