Matrox Graphics, Montreal, Canada, has introduced DualHead2Go™, an external device that connects to the monitor connector of a computer to add support for an extra monitor. The operating system treats the device like a monitor, supporting resolutions twice as wide as standard resolutions. The device divides the monitor output from the computer into two separate displays, one showing the left half of the monitor, and the other showing the right half. Device setup does not require opening a computer, inserting parts, or replacing hardware or software. Instead, it uses a computer's existing graphics hardware and software for 2D, 3D, and video acceleration. Because it is an external upgrade, it can be used to add an extra display to closed, validated, mission-critical systems, or to computers with no available expansion slots. It includes support for Windows® 2000 and XP, and is compatible with a range of laptops and other systems.

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