Simulation Software

Siemens PLM Software, Plano, TX, introduced Simcenter 3D 2019.1 simulation software that simulates the additive manufacturing process. The software automates the creation and simulation of transmission simulation models within a single, integrated environment. New connections between Simcenter 3D and Simcenter™ STAR-CCM+™ software enable aero-acoustics and aero-vibro-acoustic simulations. Other features include the ability to streamline the end-to-end aircraft structural analysis and margin of safety process, and topology optimization that adds design objectives or constraints for structural integrity of a part when subjected to critical loads.

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Low-Profile Connectors

Wire-to-board Pico-EZmate and Pico-EZmate Slim low-profile connectors from Molex, Lisle, IL, support automated assembly processes in tight spaces. The Pico-EZmate 1.20-mm connector system offers mated heights of 1.55 and 1.65 mm; the Pico-EZmate Slim connectors offer mated height of 1.20 mm. Vertical mating eliminates wrong orientation or mis-mating and an open-top receptacle header enables snap-in mating for quick assembly processing. An open space on the header accommodates pick-and-place.

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Press-Fit Receptacles

Mill-Max Mfg. Corp., Oyster Bay, NY, offers flush-mount, solderless press-fit receptacles for low-profile connections. The receptacles have a hexagon-shaped flange that is pressed into the PCB plated through-hole until flush with the surface of the board. No soldering is required as the press-fit forms a gas-tight connection with a properly specified plated through-hole. After installation, the PCB contacts enable a range of devices to be plugged in while minimizing overall interconnect height. They may be used on both traditional and rigid backed flex PCBs.

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Camera Cores

FLIR Systems, Wilsonville, OR, announced Neutrino™ LC, and Neutrino SX12 and QX midwave infrared (MWIR) camera cores. The Neutrino LC is a High Operating Temperature (HOT) MWIR camera core and the first model in the SWaP+C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost) series. It can be installed where maintenance access is restricted, difficult, or costly. The Neutrino SX12 produces high-definition (HD) thermal imaging video and the QX, with more than 3.1 megapixels, is a high-resolution MWIR core. Both provide crisp imagery at long distances while maintaining a wide field of view.

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