3D Printing Software

Artec Studio 14 software from Artec 3D, Santa Clara, CA, enables quality inspection with features such as expanded CAD/CAM functionality, seamless integration with Artec Micro, an industrial desktop 3D scanner with a point accuracy of up to 10 microns, and target-free registration for the tripod-mounted, long-range, 3D laser scanner Artec Ray. Users can directly export open and closed contours in polyline format to CAD/CAM applications. Other features let users organically mend and repair holes and gaps in scans using existing scan geometry.

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Temperature Indicators

Littelfuse, Chicago, IL, announced the PolySwitch® setP™ series of digital temperature indicators to protect USB Type C and USB power delivery charging cables from overheating. The SETP0805-100-CC is used in cables equipped with USB Type-C connectors at both ends. When the temperature reaches the indicating temperature (100 °C), the device switches from low resistance to very high resistance, shutting down the flow of power.

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Industrial Interface

Harting, Espelkamp, Germany, offers the RJ Industrial® MultiFeature series industrial interface that does not require a separate tool and features a metal housing. An additional area of application for AWG 26 to AWG 22 stranded wires, the interface features cable fixation in harsh environments. An IP20 and IP65/67 housing and PoE power supply variants provide data and power.

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Thermoelectric Modules

Laird Thermal Systems, Durham, NC, offers the HiTemp ET Series of Peltier thermoelectric modules to protect critical electronic devices like CMOS sensors in high-temperature applications. They deliver spot cooling and do not degrade in high-heat environments. The series includes 53 models in a variety of heat pumping capacities, geometric form factors, and input voltages. Operating temperatures range from 80 to 150 °C with a cooling capacity of more than 300 Watts.

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Digital Readout

The POSITIP 8016 digital readout from Heidenhain, Schaumburg, IL, features a touch screen for manual machine tool applications. Functions include a taper calculator, bolt-hole pattern routine, and tool radius compensator as well as distance-to-go modes in both absolute and incremental. It can control up to three NC analog, point-to-point axes and a spindle. The readout features a 12” color TFT touch screen for an IP65 front panel and an IP40 back panel.

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Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Spectrum Instrumentation, Grosshansdorf, Germany, offers the 65 Series of PCIe arbitrary waveform generators with 8 channels on a single PCIe-card. Up to 80 channels can be fully synchronized in a single PC. Onboard memory of 512 MSamples stores and replays waveforms. Using the PCIe-x4 platform, the AWGs provide data transfer speed of 700 MByte/s FIFO streaming speed. Applications include component testing, automotive, robotics, aerospace, medical, and other automated testing applications.

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Sensor Bridge Software

Libelium, Laragoza, Spain, introduced Libelium Cloud Bridge that allows users to send information from any sensor to worldwide cloud platforms simultaneously and without having to implement each specific cloud protocol or authentication methodology. Using a unique HTTPS request, any device using NB-IoT, 4G, or WiFi can be connected to cloud platforms by sending the data to a unique Internet server called the Bridge.

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