Baumer (Southington, CT) has introduced HDMag magnetic hollow-shaft encoders for direct mounting onto large-sized shafts up to 740 mm in diameter. Available in both absolute and incremental versions, the encoders provide 17-bit absolute single-turn resolution. Measuring 27 mm wide, the encoders are suited for limited-space applications. FPGA signal processing and integrated offset amplitude and phase control enable the encoders to generate maximum incremental square pulses of 524,288 periods per revolution, and a maximum sine/cosine interpolation of 32,768 periods per revolution.

altSignal processing integrated in the sensor head enables generation of sine/cosine signals or square-wave signals. The encoders consist of an IP68 stainless steel encoder wheel that mounts directly on the drive shaft, and an IP67-rated sensing head that is fully encapsulated and protected from contaminants. Fitted with a protective covering, the magnetic scale on the outside of the encoder wheel is sensed tangentially. The encoders have no moving parts, light source, or breakable/glass components.

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