(Aurora, IL) has introduced the 3D Advanced Machines Environment that combines finite-element analysis simulation with a design entry system to create 3D models of electric motors or generators. The electromagnetic design tool for rotating electrical machines is an application-specific toolbox of the Opera electromagnetic simulator. The software provides a front end to the electromagnetic simulator that uses “fill in the blanks” dialog boxes. Users select the form of motor they want to design from a list of common types. By entering a list of parameters to define mechanical geometry, material properties, and electrical data, the 3D models are automatically created.

The software comes with design templates for common rotating machinery including motor types such as AC induction, brushless, permanent magnet, and switched reluctance, plus synchronous motors and generators. Users are provided with post-processing capabilities to simplify analysis of results. Some commonly required manipulations of the simulation data are provided as standard, including the torque produced as a function of position.

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Motion Control Technology Magazine

This article first appeared in the June, 2010 issue of Motion Control Technology Magazine.

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